Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking

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The basic framework for an Islamic financial system is a set of rules and laws, collectively referred to as shariah, governing economic, social, political, and cultural aspects of Islamic societies.

Shariah originates from the rules dictated by the Quranand its practices, and explanations rendered (more commonly known as Sunnah) by the Prophet Muhammad. Further elaboration of the rules is provided by scholars in Islamic jurisprudence within the framework of the Quran and Sunnah.

Mansoor is the Islamic Finance’s leading corporate training provider, offering training courses in Islamic Finance worldwide. As a lecturer and supervisor within the Islamic Banking & Economics Department at Islamic Online University, Mansoor lectures in the areas of Islamic Finance, Islamic Financial Products, and Islamic Commercial Law. 

In 2016, there are approximately 5 courses to choose from. Besides this, whatever your needs, objectives and requirements, Mansoor can design well thought out tailor-made programmes to meet them. Such made-to-order training courses offer our clients immense cost-reduction and content-adaptation benefits.

The corporate trainings for 2016:

  • Customised Islamic Product Training Courses
  • Training on Selling Skills- The Ethical Way
  • Leadership Training using Islamic Principles
  • Money Matters- An Islamic Perspective
  • Riba Buster Series

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